If you are frustrated by the learning curve, too much work, information overload and not enough time for you and your family, this message is for YOU!:

"Discover the Resources of the
Top Marketers That Can Take You
From a Slave Chained to the Computer to a 15 Hr. Work Week 

by Working Smarter, Boosting Your Bottom Line By Leaps and Bounds AND Finding More Spare Time!"

No matter where you're starting from - total newbie to experienced marketer, you can still achieve the lifestyle you deserve in less time than you'd imagine!

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From the desk of: Howard Tiano, a.k.a. the "IM OutSourcerer"

Dear Overwhelmed Marketer,
re you spending huge amounts of time and money on your online business, only to see it crawling along, with few projects getting done, and even fewer are profitable?
Do you secretly get envious, even a little mad at yourself when you hear about how so-and-so just made six figures, million-dollar launches, and Clickbank screen shots showing thousands of dollars per day?

Ever wonder how it is that others seem to create and launch products so frequently?

If you are like most people, you've wasted countless hours on mind numbing, time sucking, energy draining repetitive busy work. Most of these tasks can be accomplished with only a few project posts on the freelance sites.

Read on, and you'll learn how to use and apply the same "secret weapons" that top marketers do to get their products made, launched, and supported with apparent ease.

Does This Sound Familiar?

Maybe you've been there before. The late nights, the computer crashes, the complicated software, struggling with your copy, and the feeling that you're a slave to your business.

Is your learning curve steeper than your "earning curve?"

How about the toll on our relationships? Has anyone else out there been accused of, not being any more fun? Fun? I think I remember...

Oh, and lets not forget all the books and courses, seminars, videos and audios that are bending our closet shelves just from the sheer weight! Still in it's shrink wrap?

"My name is Howard, and I am a
info junkie"

I would find myself spending hours on the search engines tracking down "how to" info and resources to find help in doing these seemingly smallest tasks:

  • Putting audio on a page...
  • Writing a sales letter, or auto responder series...
  • Graphics for a new website...
  • Putting tracking code on my site...
  • Finding affiliate products...
  • Running a Pay Per Click campaign...
  • Using a cool walk-on video actor for my salesletter......

...and hundreds of other tasks! it all looked so easy to do! Why bother hiring a ___(insert your own expert here)_____? I can do this!

I'll bet you can guess what happened next. I started learning how to do all these tasks myself! I learned html, some copy, some Photoshop, marketing...I was already using audio and video as a musician, so I would do all those tasks as well!

But that's just half the story...

I Was Addicted to the "Get Rich Quick Online" Crack

I would spend thousands of dollars buying the latest "how to" products, in dozens of topics, spending thousands of hours learning and trying to figure it all out!

I would buy all the tools, "secrets", white hat, black hat, coaching, live events - whatever it took.

But here's the scary part... I wasn't making any money!

Was I crazy? All that time, effort, and energy - and what did it get me? Lack of sleep, stress, frustration, a marriage teetering on the brink due to neglect...

Until one day I stumbled upon a brief report on how to post a project on Elance.com

Then it hit me... I checked into...

Outsourcing Rehab

Let me explain what I mean...

I had been running an off-line business for years, and would be hiring people and building teams all the time - but never really thought of it as outsourcing!

And I never really considered outsourcing my Internet business tasks to people on the other side of the globe before either.

Somehow, I knew this would be my salvation.

Now, thanks to a strict information diet and a healthy dose of outsourcing, life is returning to a normal balance of work and play, and my online income is growing by leaps and bounds!

Don't Despair. It's not your fault

Look, we're in a market where the top marketers in the world are playing our psychological triggers like Liberace on the piano, and been sold the Internet Lifestyle fantasy of lying on the beach with a laptop and a margarita, pressing a few buttons while the cash comes pouring out your laptop! NOT!

So what does all this mean to you?

From the E-Myth to the Manifesto

From Michael Gerber's book the "E-Myth Revisited," to the graphic on the cover of Rich Schefren's Internet Business Manifesto, many online entrepreneurs are finally starting to get the message, you need to be working on your business, and not in your business!

In other words, you need help! Good help. so you don't have to be driving yourself crazy learning $10 an hour jobs, because you will only severely limit the amount of money you can make, and probably won't be enjoying life as much as you could!

"4 Hour Work Week" NY Times Best Seller by Tim Ferriss, Hype Or Holy Grail?

4 hr
Timothy Ferris hit a nerve with his Best Seller, The 4 Hr. Work Week . His whole concept of mobility and time freedom was made possible by effective outsourcing!

Unleash The Power Of Leverage With Outsourcing

Leverage is tapping into the resources of others, to be able to multiply your efforts to achieve results exponentially beyond what you could do by yourself. You can leverage time, money, talents, systems, tools, networks, mentors, resources, knowledge, skill and relationships, to name a few.

It has never been easier finding people from all over the world to do the majority of your work for a fraction of the cost of a full time in-house employee. In fact, you don't even need an office if you dont want one! You can have a virtual office!

Eben Pagan, (a.k.a. David DeAngelo of doubleyourdating.com) created an 8 figure business, with over 80 employees, all of whom were virtual!

    • No overhead,
    • no taxes,
    • no benefits,
    • no investment in training,
    • no maternity leave

I'm talking outsourcing. Not the kind you hear about on the evening news. But on a much smaller scale. I mean real small. You can start with one

Technology has finally caught up with the promise of running a global empire from your cell phone!

Well that still may be a little difficult in practice! But the truth is, you could be working out of your spare bedroom and run a multinational corporation from your $79 Office Depot computer desk!

Now before you call out the hype police, I have to be up front with you. This does
require some effort, and a little learning up front. But its like any great offer, the rewards are in the back end.

Behold, The Ultimate Outsource Directory!


Over 1500 of the most valuable resources on the Internet! In over 130 Top Level Categories!It is by far, the most comprehensive resource directory for outsourcing on the Internet. Period. And were not even done, yet!

Click Here for a Gold Mine of Resources!

This directory will be web based as a living document, with frequent updates. My Project manager finally had to pull the plug and say, No More till the site's live!

And its not just outsourcing. There are over 1500 of the best tools and resources for building, growing, and maintaining your Internet business in... Hand picked, cream of the crop.

"I'm already taking heat from some "gurus" for revealing this information here. But you know what? I don't care!"

It's more than an itemized and categorized listing of the tools and resources you need to get the job done. I also include comments, explanations, and tips on some that I've used and have some experience with personally.


Rick Jorgenson"...the most comprehensive resource ever put together..."

"All I can say is Wow!...This has to be the most comprehensive resource ever put together on not only outsource solutions but from the looks of it, every other business resource as well."

-Rick Jorgenson,


x"a huge hyper linked gold mine of the best in Internet marketing tools and services."

"then there's the Ultimate Outsource Directory, a huge hyper linked gold mine of the best in Internet marketing tools and services. It's well worth the whole price of admission!
Hail to the Outsourcerer!"

-Pam Dodd
President, Business Performance Inc.
www.babybirthchart.com - The best parenting guide around

Take a little Sneak Peak in the Member's Area... (7 min.)

The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires JavaScript to be enabled and the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player. If you are you using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Flash Player by downloading here.

If you don't see this video, try using Firefox/Mozilla

What is NOT included, are resources that are overpriced, seem amateurish, or have bad reputations. Some of this is obviously objective, but part of this Directory's value is the filters that I've employed, rather than just a collection of search engine results!

I'm sure you can imagine the amount of time and effort that went into compiling this massive collection of tools, and then organizing them so that you can find what you need quickly and easily. It's taken hundreds of hours for me to amass this collection and put it together for you. I combed the Internet for the best directories and resources I could find and cherry-picked the best.

Check out these benefits:

checkSave hours of time researching new resources

checkConquer indecision by having quality resources

checkLearn the most important criteria in selecting a freelancer - miss these and it will cost you plenty in time, money and aggravation

checkKnow when and which tasks to outsource, and which you SHOULD do yourself!

checkKnow what tasks to outsource first, for the biggest payoffs.

checkDiscover what phrase to use in your project description to get the lowest bids

checkResources that will inspire product ideas

checkFind hard to locate services

checkFind where the best software coders are waiting for your project

checkWhich sites to go to for specific types of projects.

checkWhat phrases to include in your project description that can save you tens of thousands of dollars and massive aggravation.

checkTHE most comprehensive Internet marketing resources on the Web

checkThe best places to build your virtual team.

checkConstantly growing listings provide a lifetime of use

checkCommunity participation in sharing of resources leverages your effectiveness

While there are far too many categories and sub-categories to list, below is a sample of what you'll find in The Ultimate Outsource Directory:

Advertising - Email Advertising
Advertising Misc.
Affiliate Marketing As the Affiliate
Affiliate Marketing As the Merchant
Affiliate Marketing Networks
Article Marketing
Call Centers
Celebrity Brokers
CGI Script Installation
CGI Scripts
Chat Services
Competitive Intelligence
Content Management
Copywriting Instruction
Copywriting Software
Copywriting Swipe Files
CPA Networks
CPM Networks
Credit Card Processors
Customer Support
Data Recovery Databases (Hosted)
Digital Product Security
Direct Mail
Discussion Boards / Forums
DNS Services
Domain Names
E-Commerce Integrated Systems
Email Lists
Email Marketing
File Format Conversion
File Hosting
Flash Tools
Freeform Database Software (PC)
Help Desk Software
Installer Software
International communications
Joint Ventures
Link Directories Market Research
Marketing Forums
Marketing Newsletters
Media Hosting
Member Site Software
Merchant Accounts
Meta Search Engines
Mind Mapping Software
Newsletter Services
Other Web Design Resources
Payment Gateways
Payment Solutions
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Engines
Payroll Service
PDF Resources
Print On Demand
Private Label Rights/Resell Rights
Product Distribution: Retail and International
Product Sourcing
Project Management
Public Domain
Referal Marketing Tools
Remote PC Access
Royalty-Free Music
Screen Capture
Search Engine Optimization
Secure SSL Certificates
Server Management
Shopping Cart Software
Short Link Services
Social Bookmarking
Social Networking
Software Automation
SPAM Countermeasures
Split-Testing Services / Software
Survey Services / Software
Text Editors
Transcription Services
Trust Seals
Utilities: productivity
Viral Marketing
Virtual Assistants
Virtual Characters / Hosts
Virtual Office
Voice Broadcasting
Web 2.0
Web 2.0 Resources
Web Design Resources
Web Design Software
Web Hosting
Website Forms


I'm in! This is Just What I needed!

"Howard...won't settle for putting out fluff."

"Howard puts his heart and soul into a project, and won't settle for putting out fluff. He'll persist until things are just right, then watch out! I expect great things from Howard."

-Ken McArthur

Isn't this just a bunch of links?

These resources have been carefully selected based on several factors:

  • Professional reputation in the industry - these are recommended by several top marketers and experienced professionals.
  • Pricing and value - some are known for good pricing, and some are known for high quality. These resources have a good amount of both.
  • Presentation of web site and services - sometimes you stumble upon things and bookmark for later reference, but you can tell from the look of this site and its presentation of services that it's worth a shot.
  • Personal experience - I have included my top picks that I've personally used, and omitted services I've had bad experiences with.
  • Uniqueness of service - things like animated characters, walk on video, and other out of the ordinary services made the list.
  • Inclusion in the other reputable directories

Obviously, I could not have personally tried 1500 services, not in this lifetime anyway :), so some discretion has been applied as far as including them in the directory. Your mileage may vary.

"I can't afford to hire anyone at this time"

I hear this a lot, and my reply is always "you can't afford to NOT hire anyone." When you add up the costs of doing it yourself, you may save a little money but you wind up squandering your most precious resource - your time!

"...will save me a tremendous amount of time, energy and effort."

"As someone who completely delegates several aspects of my business I thought I was aware of most of the outsourcing resources available to Internet Marketers. After spending the last few hours in your directory I've realized that what I knew barely scratched the surface.

I have just visited site after site and made three full pages of notes that I know will save me a tremendous amount of time, energy and effort.

I can't thank you enough for compiling this awesome list. You have provided an incredible resource for the Internet Marketing community."

-Dave Harber

"...BRILLIANT job of amassing a treasure trove of resources and secrets..."

"You've done an absolutely BRILLIANT job of amassing a treasure trove of resources and secrets from a host of experts to create a virtually painless "Easy Outsource System." Your highly practical approach brims with the tools and insights we need to hire a single assistant or start an outsourcing empire."

-Adele Sommers, PH.D.
President, Business Performance Inc.

"This is an excellent resource."

"This is an excellent resource. Used it the first time I got access. Great job!"

-Lyle Parkyn,

"This is like an instant time management system!"

"Hey Howard: I just logged in to your Directory for the first time today and immediately found 3 resources I needed which I'm sure would have usually taken me at least 2 hours to track down... instead... 10 seconds! This is like an instant time management system!"

-Dr. Max Vogt,

"...several categories of things that I had been looking for."

"What a great resource! I'm excited about using it. There are several categories of things that I had been looking for."

-Bessie Jo Tillman, MD,

O.K. ! I'm Ready To Outsource...

If you're STILL not convinced, I've conjured up these


Bonus #1

"Post" Production

Outsourcer Posting Instruction "Cheat Sheets"

Need a quick reference to post your projects? Detailed instructions with screen shots gets your projects posted in minutes!

Three Top Freelance sites covered:

check Guru.com

Bonus #2


Panning For Gold Selecting Your Freelancer


Special Report will help you...

  • assess your needs
  • find the best places for virtual employees of all kinds
  • avoid the biggest pitfall of outsourcing process.
  • Use the "code word" trick
  • decide whether to go with a company or an individual
  • determine which aspects of the ratings you should weigh more heavily
  • using the three for one methodology
  • Special 13 page Appendix -detailed outline of tasks and jobs for your Virtual Assistant

    Bonus #3

    "Outsourcing Traffic"
    Sylvie Fortin and Howard Tiano


    xx Howard Tiano

    • Howard grills Sylvie on managed outsourcing, packaged services, and the simple secrets of how to save time, money, and aggravation on outsourcing traffic generation!

      Bonus #4

      A Beginners Guide to Outsourcing

      A Beginners Guide to Outsourcing outlines how to let go of the routine, mundane tasks, and shows you how to outsource these tasks to qualified and reputable contractors. Within this book, you'll learn.

      What is Outsourcing?

      Advantages of Outsourcing

      How to Hire

      • The level of expertise required
      • Outlining the complete scope of your project
      • Setting milestones and deadlines
      • Creating a performance scale
      • and MUCH more

      Questions to Ask

      • What are the right questions to ask?
      • Agreeing on a fair price, with a signed agreement by both parties;
      • How do you qualify your freelancer?
      • and more

      Pricing and How to Negotiate
      Chapter 5 focuses on focuses on how to set a price that both you and the contractor deem fair, as well as how to negotiate for a better deal.

      How to Find a Provider
      Not all contractors are created equal! Chapter 6 gives you the information and tools to assist in locating an affordable, yet qualified and reliable, contractor who will meet and exceed your goals.

      Software Outsourcing
      Whether in need of a high quality web site, or tweaks to your e-commerce solution, locating a savvy yet affordable contractor is key. Chapter 7 explains what situations you should put the extra effort in to, when it comes to locating a technically inclined contractor.

      Outsourcing and Ghostwriters
      Its been said time and time again Content is King! Even if you have the next best product or service available, poor content will kill your chances of success every time. Chapter 8 explains the importance of locating an experienced and competent ghostwriter and why the old adage holds true you get what you pay for.

      For those new to the concept of outsourcing, this guide will provide you with a solid and informed foundation, to ensure you start off the right way, achieving the perfect end-result.

      Bonuses #5, #6, & #7

      Fast Mover Bonus Videos
      For the First 200 Only! 152 133 97 63 Left!

      Negotiation Secrets

      Negotiation Secrets Video
      (Value $47)

      • Get the edge on your competitors by keeping your outsourcing costs down.
      • How to create a WIN-WIN situation, and build your virtual team in the process.
      • Ways to "sweeten the deal" that won't cost you anything!
      Cover Your Assets Cover Your Assets
      Protecting Yourself While Outsourcing**
      (Value $47)

      • Phrases to include in your project description
      • Documents, forms and tools to use.
      • Tips, strategies and web sites
      Sample Documents (editable .doc)

      Confidential Disclosure Agreement
      Service Level Agreement
      Non-Disclosure Agreement
      Outsource Free

      How to Outsource for FREE!
      (Value $47)

      in this video, you get the inside scoop to:

      • The secret to getting competent workers clamoring to work for you for no pay!
      • where to find Interns and apprentices, what conditions to offer
      • Virtual or in-house: pros and cons

      "...a priceless and invaluable resource!"

      "I found so many great new things in the ultimate outsource directory I never even knew existed!

      It would have taken me hours to drill down and find these sites a priceless and invaluable resource!

      You are truly the ultimate Outsourcerer!"

      -"Capt. Lou" Edwards

      "The explanations in the video are truly golden!"

      "The explanations in the "Covering Your Assets" video are truly golden! I appreciated your caveats on the limitations of PayPal, splitting up tasks across providers, and checking for plagiarized material before paying a provider."

      -Adele Sommers, PH.D.
      President, Business Performance Inc.

      Bonuses are Amazing! Count Me In...

      So Let's Recap...YOU Get:

      Ultimate Outsource Directory Lifetime Membership
      The Beginners Guide Outsourcing Ebook
      "Outsourcing Traffic" with Sylvie Fortin - Audio
      "Post Production" Posting Instructions
      "Panning For Gold: Selecting Your Freelancer"
      "Negotiations Secrets" video
      "Cover Your Assets" video
      "Outsourcing For FREE" video
      TOTAL "Real World" Value $368 !!

      56-Day Absolutely No-Risk

      100% Money-Back Guarantee

      Take a full 56 days to put The Ultimate Outsource Directory, along with the report, audio, ebook and the videos to work for you.

      "If you can't easily follow the simple, step-by-step process in the System that takes the guesswork and risk out of outsourcing your internet marketing business, then blame it on me and request a full refund."

      "You're fully protected by our iron-clad money-back guarantee:

      "I'm so convinced that The Ultimate Outsource Directory will change lives for the better that I want you to have every cent back if it's not right for you. That's only fair. No questions asked. It's that simple."

      O.K., here's the deal...

      You really can't afford NOT to invest in the Ultimate Outsource Directory and training! A resource like this, considering it is a lifetime membership with frequent updates, audio and video training, my insider strategies to qualify and zero in on your best freelancers... even an entire beginner's guide!... should go for at least $97 per year.

      You'll probably save at least 10 times that amount in freelancing costs, if you're lucky enough to get the fast mover bonus videos on negotiations, protecting yourself, and how to outsource for FREE!

      Considering the time it's taken me to compile, sift through and qualify these resources, my wife already thinks I'm out of my mind for selling this for anything less than $197!

      But that's not where I'm at. Sure, I can sell you a PDF full of a bunch of links and call it a day, and while that by itself is worth a lot, it doesn't serve you in the end. There's a lot of ins and outs to outsourcing, and I felt I needed to over deliver to make sure you didn't run into the same frustrations and I did when I was learning all this stuff!

      So I added video...

      I added audio....

      I wrote a special report...

      I added an e-book for beginners...

      And if that weren't enough, I even created a step-by-step procedure so you can successfully post projects, to give you the best chance of succeeding.

      Listen, I know what you're going through, and I want this to get into as many hands as possible because if you don't get the help you need, you're gonna quit out of frustration. Maybe you'll go crawling back to your day job. Maybe you'll struggle through and learn it the hard way.

      I'm going to make it a total no-brainer, at a price so low, that for you to pass on this offer and choose to struggle through this process by trial and error would just be completely insane!

      At first I thought $67 would be low enough, but I knew that even at that price there would still be some of you sitting on the fence and figure you'll just do everything yourself and save yourself some money! You know who you are...:) So it is for you especially, that I've lowered the price to $47.

      But only for a while. I don't really want to reward or encourage people who can't make an intelligent decision about their business, and are going to dwell on spending $47 to turn their business life around, and dramatically improve their personal lives in the process!

      Besides that, I've got to restrict the sales somewhat - some of the major providers listed here have expressed concern about getting a surge of a thousand new users at once, so I'll have to pull this offer periodically to give them a chance to catch up!

      So I'll be bumping it back up to $67, or maybe even $77. Eventually it'll settle at $97, which is still a great bargain considering everything in this package! So be decisive NOW, and join the Ultimate Outsource Directory Membership!

      Get Access Now!

      YES, OutSourcerer! I want to reclaim my time and get more projects done in less time, with less stress, and leverage the efforts of others to explode my profits!

      I understand I will get immediate access to the following DIGITAL GOLD MINE:

      • The Ultimate Outsource Directory Lifetime Membership: I want the best resources to build my online business, and never worry about where to find freelancers!
      • The Beginners Guide Outsourcing Ebook - Give me the lowdown on learning the ropes.
      • "Outsourcing Traffic" with Sylvie Fortin Audio - Never enough traffic! How to get it, how to outsource it!
      • "Post Production" Posting Instructions - Make it brain dead simple, build your global empire!
      • "Panning For Gold: Selecting Your Freelancer" - How to find, select, and qualify your Freelancer. Find those nuggets!
      • "Negotiations Secrets" video - Get me the best quality for the best price!
      • "Cover Your Assets" video - Give me the forms, and the secrets to avoid plagiarism.
      • "Outsourcing For FREE" video - Show me how to find people who will build my empire - for FREE


      I know a good deal when I see one. I'm ready to grab my copy now before the price goes up. I realize that I'm only one product away from the lifestyle I've always dreamed ofand outsourcing can help me realize that dream.

      All For Just $97
      $47.00 USD


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      Give me instant access to the Ultimate Outsource Directory NOW! even if it's 3 AM!

      To Your Prosperity,

      Howard Tiano

      P. S. "If you continue to work the same way, you're going to get the same results. What I'm offering you is the easiest, most risk-free way to try the Ultimate Outsource Directory so you can see for yourself "

      P.P.S. "Will all this information make you wealthy? I have to be frank with you: I don't know how rich you'll get once you read, absorb and begin to use the resources in this Directory, and learn the ropes of building a virtual team through the video training.

      I'm selling you a hammer. Whether you build a doghouse or a castle is none of my business. My suggestion: Think BIG! Isn't it time?"

      P.P.P.S. "Remember; You have nothing to lose, everything's on my shoulders. If for any reason you don't like the Ultimate Outsource Directory, simply ask for a refund! It's that simple!

      Now who's taking all the risk?"

      Set Me Free - Order NOW!

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