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I understand that the Ultimate Outsource Directory contains everything I need to start successfully outsourcing my most boring mind-numbing tasks today!

I understand I have absolutely nothing to lose. Either I start seeing my workload shrivel up like a prune in the hot, summer sun, and productivity explode -- or if for any reason I am not absolutely thrilled with it, I pay nothing.

I get a full 2 months to try it out and test live, on line. So with that guarantee in mindÖ

I say Yes! Please process my order right now. Because once my credit card is successfully processed, Iíll immediately be taken to the members area where I can instantly download and apply my easy to implement The Ultimate Outsource Directory package . I understand the process is super easy and all I have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions, no matter if Iím on a MAC or PC.


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